Portable lure coursing machine Azart-200  

Azart-200. In the complete set there is all necessary.

The convenient radio charm allows to operate easily lure coursing machine, and in case of need will not prevent to train a dog simultaneously.

It is easy to carry.

Safe from traumas pulley for portable lure coursing machine.

Azart-200m in field.

Lure for portable coursing machine is made of the polyethylene package that is cut on ribbons.

Portable lure coursing machine Azart-200 is intended for training, couching of hounds was developed specially for use on daily walks with a dog. It has small dimensions (36 x 18 x 16cm) and weight - no more than 4,5 kg . In it the independent changeable rechargeable battery and remote control by a radio charm (range of action to 300m) are used. The portable lure coursing machine is completed with radio charm, 3 pulleys with nails for their fastening, charger for the battery and a case for storage and carrying.

Extent of a course for lure coursing machine Azart-200 to 200-250 metres. The maximum speed of a lure 13-16m/s (27-36mph). At use portable lure coursing machines, all process one person can operate. Even if at training of puppies the instructor should run near to a dog, the small radio charm will allow it to operate simultaneously lure coursing machine and will not prevent to train a dog.

At management possibility visually is by lure coursing machine on distance not always to watch process of winding of a string on the coil, therefore portable lure coursing machine is equipped by the automatic device of the dynamic braking, preventing sharp recoil of the coil. It reduces probability of formation of loops on the coil and string complication.

The course for Azart-200 can be practically any form, including to 3 turns. For fastening of skills of passage of turns at a dog it is more preferable to use a zigzag line. A course in the form of a half ring is very convenient: start and finish are nearby from each other, therefore it is not necessary to run for the dog who has finished running or to call up her from apart, it is enough to meet of her on finish. For training of puppies when often it is necessary to run together with it, the direct route, without turns will approach.

The weight of a lure for the portable lure coursing machine should not exceed 50 gram.

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